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AUXLMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


●     Q: Where do I find my “Username”?

A: Your “Username” is your unique, primary email address in AUXDATA (the first one shown in your Member Detail page in the AuxDirectory). It cannot be the same as used by any other Auxiliarist. Often shared email addresses occur in family membership. For the AUXLMS, each member in a family must have a unique email address.

●     Q: How do I know if I have an account on AUXLMS?

A: Go to, read the warning statement and click thru to the next page. Since this is your first attempt to log on, you will need a password.  Click on the “I forgot my password” link.  Enter your email address as your “Username.” If you have an account, your temporary password will be sent to that email address.  If not, it will give you a message saying “Error. Username not found.”

New members will need to wait for the next batch of members to be added to the AUXLMS by the Coast Guard.  This could take up to a month, or more.  

●     Q: I get that error message saying that my Username isn’t found. What do I do?

A: Make sure you are not sharing an email address with any other Auxiliary Member (Search on your email in AUXOFFICER).  If your primary email address in AUXDATA II is unique, and it didn’t work as your “Username,” submit a ticket to  If your username is not unique, see duplicate email address question below.

Please note that your email address must be 6-31 characters long, and cannot contain "admin" or "'administrator".

●     Q: I have an email address that I share with another member.  What do I do?

A: You or the other member(s) will need to obtain a new email address and use this email address as your primary email address with the Auxiliary.  Make the change in AUXDATA II yourself, or see your flotilla's Information Services Officer (FSO-IS) for other instructions. After the changes are made in AUXDATA II, your accounts on the AUXLMS will be set up the next time the Coast Guard enters them, which could be a few weeks, or more.

●     Q: What happens if I change my primary email address (and hence, AUXLMS “Username”) in AUXDATA? 

A: To have your email address updated in the AUXLMS, simply open up a ticket on the National Help Desk,, requesting that your email address be updated in the AUXLMS. (For this purpose, Auxiliary policy requires that your email address is unique, not shared with another Auxiliarist.)  If you still have access to that previous email address, you can continue to use it as your AUXLMS “Username” and email address.  (If you no longer have access to that previous email address, you won’t be able to request a new password, as it would be sent to that bad email address.)  

●     Q: I have taken a course.  How does that information get to AUXDATA II?

A: Whenever you complete a Core Training course, or other Auxiliary course, on the AUXLMS, that completion will be sent to the Auxiliary’s information system, AUXDATA II.  These updates should occur weekly, on Thursdays, but, because the transfer isn’t fully automated, allowance must be made for reasonable delays.  In the AUXLMS, you can log on and click on “My Account” and then “My Transcript” and see the courses that you have completed.  It is these entries that are passed to AUXDATA II. 

●     Q: I have completed a course, and it shows in “My Account”, but it’s not shown on the “transcript”. Why not?

A: Whenever you complete a course on the AUXLMS, and it’s from the Auxiliary catalog, it will also show on the AUXLMS “transcript”.  If not, that may indicate that your computer setup isn’t fully compatible with the AUXLMS. See our Knowledgebase article, “Read This Before Attempting AUXLMS Courses” for simple instructions related to system compatibility.

●     Q: I have taken a Coast Guard (Gold) course on the AUXLMS, why doesn’t it appear in my AUXDATA II under "Tasks?"

Basically, AUXDATA II contains courses/exams that relate to an Auxiliary qualification or requirement (such as Core Training).  The bulk of the Coast Guard (Gold) courses are optional, and are not sent to AUXDATA II for entry.  For more, see our Knowledgebase article about AUXLMS Coast Guard (Gold) courses.

Q: How do I print out a course completion certificate for an AUXLMS course?

A: Unlike the National Testing Center (NTC), the AUXLMS does not provide course completion certificates. Simply print out your "My Transcript" (see above) if you should need to provide proof of completion.  If a certificate is referenced in an AUXLMS course, simply ignore it.

Q: How do I verify that my course completions have been processed?

A: You can check your course completions, including those completed via the AUXLMS, by checking "Tasks" in AUXDATA II.

Q: I just completed a course, but it says it will "expire" in a couple months or so.  Why would the course expire?

A: That "expiration" is related to access to the course only. Most often, access to the course expires after 30-90 days. If you complete the course, that "expiration" is meaningless and should be simply ignored.  If you want repeat the course at a later time, you can re-enroll for that course at any time after it expires.  If you've completed your course, and need proof, print out or download your "My Transcript" in the "My Account" page.

Q: I just completed a course, but the AUXLMS transcript says my score is low and/or the "Lesson Success" is unknown.  Do I have to repeat the course?

A: If your course shows up on your AUXLMS “transcript”, that's all that matters. No need to take it again. (unless it's one of those Core Training courses with a 5-year cycle, of course.)

Ignore "Lesson Completion", "Lesson Success" and "Scores".  All completed courses on the AUXLMS transcript will be sent to the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA II, within a week or so. Only the completed course, the date completed and the source (AUXLMS) are sent to AUXDATA II.

[Last updated 29 January 2023 by BC-UMH and believed to be accurate at that date.]

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