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NEW MEMBERS: (and those with newly unique email addresses) may have to wait until the Coast Guard adds them to the AUXLMS.  The process is not yet automated.

CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? To have your email address updated in the AUXLMS, simply open up a ticket on the National Help Desk,, requesting that your email address be updated in the AUXLMS. (For this purpose, Auxiliary policy requires that your email address is unique, not shared with another Auxiliarist.)  If you still have access to that previous email address, you can continue to use it as your AUXLMS “Username” and email address.  (If you no longer have access to that previous email address, you won’t be able to request a new password, as it would be sent to that bad email address.) 

Locked out?

Our feedback indicates that the "lock" on the AUXLMS shouldn't last more than an hour. Because the AUXLMS is a USCG-controlled site, we have no ability to see or "unlock" an AUXLMS account.

AUXLMS Compatibility:

The AUXLMS is a U.S. Coast Guard-controlled site (not Auxiliary).  The courses were built using Microsoft's INTERNET EXPLORER as the most compatible browser.  Although IE is no longer supported, at this time the Coast Guard has no plans to revise the courses.

There is a simple “System Test” in the lower left of the AUXLMS login page.  All “green” does NOT insure compatibility, but could alert you to other potential issues. Incompatibility varies by course.

Although there is a "Desktop|Mobile" link on the AUXLMS login page, This Help Desk cannot support the use of mobile devices.

Please note that there is additional information/options available on the Training Directorate's Core Training Web page.

Special note: It is possible, although rare, that the use of an incompatible browser might corrupt a course file on a member's AUXLMS account, so that even the subsequent use of a compatible browser might fail.  If this is suspected, the member may request to have that course file deleted, via Help Desk ticket, so that the member may enroll fresh.

IMPORTANT:  The Core Training and Risk Management (100202) courses are also available using the Auxiliary's Online Classroom, which is not subject to the same compatibility issues.

If you experience issues, please provide feedback via the Auxiliary’s National Help Desk.

This article was revised by ANACO-IT on 26 September 2023, and believed correct as of that date.

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