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Can a division officer like the (SO) go directly to the district officer (DSO) over him or her for questions regarding publications and still be within the direct chain of leadership ?

Yes they may.
There are two chains of communication in the Auxiliary, namely the "chain of leadership and management" (for elected officers) and the Parallel Staffing chain of communication (for staff/appointed officers).

An SO in Publications (SO-PB ) can go directly to either the ADSO -PB or DSO -PB in a District (depending on how the individual chain in their particular District is organized).

The DIRAUX has final authority on any item published, with the exception of announcements for Boat Courses and VE stations.

Per the Auxiliary Manual, COMDINST M16790.1 (series), Sec. C.2. Parallel Staffing
Parallel staffing is a communications process for appointed staff officers and is similar to the Auxiliary chain of leadership and management. For day-to-day operations, staff officers must communicate with their counterpart staff members at the next higher or lower organizational level to assure support is provided. For example, the District Staff Officer - Public Education (DSO-PE) is expected to pass information concerning public education matters to all Division Staff Officers - Public Education (SO-PE) in the district. When there are questions, or a need for additional information, a Flotilla Staff Officer - Public Education (FSO-PE) must communicate with the SO-PE.



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