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NOTICE: Business Cards and Miscellaneous Documents & Forms for Auxiliary Staff

All the business card and letterhead templates and other documents under the miscellaneous tag have been removed until further notice. The images did not conform to heraldry and current practice.

We have no information if and when they will return.

Coast Guard Auxiliary units and members undertaking graphic design production of items such as newsletters, business cards, stationary, brochures, banners, posters, websites, Facebook pages, unit crests, and other like-minded materials and publications are advised to consult the AUXMAN and the U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual prior to commencing production.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary emblem and official seal are separate graphics in both design and purpose.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary emblem is approved for wide use within the Auxiliary for official and quasi-official purposes.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary official seal is authorized for use on official Coast Guard Auxiliary documents requiring signature under seal.  Detailed explanations of both the emblem and official seal are contained within Chapter 5 of the AUXMAN, and Chapter 7 of the U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual.

Additional guidance on Coast Guard Auxiliary heraldry including use of the seal, standard emblem, alternate emblem, mark, signature, ensign, patrol ensign, and other organization emblems is presented in Chapter 7 of the U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual, as well as select portions of the AUXMAN.


1) Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN):

2) U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry manual, CIM_5200_14A.pdf (currently not available on line). 

Any member producing Coast Guard Auxiliary related graphic designs for official organizational use are encouraged to contact the public affairs chain of leadership and management with questions, or to seek further clarification, regarding proper use of Coast Guard Auxiliary heraldry.

This article was updated by the BC-UMK on 11/6/2014.  It was believed to be accurate as of that date. 

Updated by DIR-U on 9 May 2017 to reflect the temporary link to the Auxiliary Manual.

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