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Are There Standards For Using/Posting U.S. Coast Guard Photos/Imagery?

Yes, standards exist for using U.S. Coast Guard imagery. Official Coast Guard imagery must never be manipulated.

 The following actions are defined as manipulation and therefore are never allowed:
A.     Adding, moving or removing object within the frame.
B.     Any adjustments of color or gray scale.
C.     Cropping in such a way as to alter the meaning of the photograph.
D.     Flopping a photograph (left/right reversal).
The following actions are defined as photo editing or video editing and are allowed:
A.     Cropping a frame to fit a layout.
B.     Digitally obscuring portions of a photographic image in support of specific security, criminal investigation, privacy or 
legal requirements.
C.     Subtle improvements to the technical quality of video, not photos, such as adjustments to the audio and video levels, etc. 
provided the adjustments do not alter the editorial content and are changed solely to clarify the content for public record.
For a complete description of what is permitted and what is not permitted, refer to ALCOAST 488/11 - ETHICAL STANDARDS FOR 
This article was prepared by the BC-UMK on 4/14/2012.  It was believed to be accurate as of that date.
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