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Traveling under CG funded travel orders

Coast Guard Auxiliary Traveler - If you are traveling under Coast Guard funded travel orders, SATO is the CG's travel agent and all common carrier transportation (airlines, trains, ships) and rental cars must be obtained through the SATO contract.  While the common carrier transportation costs may be charged to the travel orders, rental cars must be reserved with a personal credit card. 

Note:  By reserving the car through SATO, the rental agreement while under orders will be covered by the U. S. Rental Car Program.  Details and advantages of this program are available at:

Traveler information and details on obtaining full service reservations through SATO for your Coast Guard funded travel are available at:

Members who travel infrequently on Coast Guard funded travel orders should request the SATO travel agent create a single use profile for the required travel reservation. 

Members who travel 2 or more times per year on Coast Guard funded travel orders can request a SATO Traveler Profile be created to streamline the full service travel reservation process.  To have a profile created, please visit

[Source: Matt Ruckert, P.E., CAPT, USCG Retired, Government Travel Charge Card Program Manager, Commander (PSC-BOPS-R), U. S. Coast Guard Personnel Service Center]

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