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The Service Dress Blue (Alpha) uniform is again authorized for wear, but only when prescribed.

The Auxiliary has returned to using the terms Service Dress Blue (SDB) Alpha and Bravo, in place of the term Service Dress Blue.  Service Dress Blue Bravo describes the uniform when worn with trousers [s/b light blue shirt].  SDB Bravo is the only authorized version of the SDB uniform for official business day to day.  SDB Alpha describes the uniform when worn with a skirt [s/b white long-sleeved shirt].  SDB Alpha can only be worn when specifically prescribed for wear.  From the annotated Auxiliary Manual:  "[SDB Alpha] may be prescribed by Coast Guard command authority or Auxiliary unit leadership for evening functions and for situations that require more formality than the Service Dress Blue Bravo uniform but less than the Full Dress or Dinner Dress uniforms.  It is appropriate for solemn occasions such as funerals.  The Service Dress Blue Alpha uniform is the same as the Service Dress Blue uniform with one key difference.  Service Dress Blue Alpha shall be worn with the dress white long sleeve shirt."

For additional information, refer to Chapter 10 of the annotated Auxiliary Manual,

Reviewed by DIR-U on 9 May 2017

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