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Authorized Uniforms for Vessel Examiners

Under the Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G the following are the approved uniforms. Vessel Examiners (VE) may wear the ODU, Working, Undress, Jump suit, or Hot Weather uniforms. When conducting CFVE’s, VE’s may wear Coast Guard issued coveralls. For VE’s the VE Polo shirt is authorized for wear as an optional uniform shirt worn as part of the Undress Blue Summer (Bravo), Working Blue, ODU, and Hot Weather uniform.

The VE Polo shirt is not authorized for wear as a stand alone item with civilian clothing or on patrol, and no insignia, name tag, or breast device shall be worn with the shirt.

Headgear (e.g. covers) (when wearing the Polo shirt) Auxiliary staff shall not display office insignia.  Only the member device shall be displayed on the headgear (e.g. cover).  AUXCEN carries the only shirt authorized.  VE polo shirts obtained by any other source are not authorized.

[Source:  COMDTINST M16790. 1G, Chapter 10, Section A.2.]
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