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How Many Qualification Insignias Can I Wear On My ODUs?

Q:  Authorized breast devices for the ODU are giving us difficulty. It appears the instructions say that only the most current Auxiliary qualification device is authorized on the left and the AUXOP on the right. The problem is that some are arguing they can [wear more than one].

A:  In accordance with Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 (series), only one Auxiliary sew-on qualification insignia (e.g., coxswain, RBS, Trident) is authorized for wear on the ODU. By extension, this also applies for the Working Blue uniform and the Hot Weather uniform (i.e., only the Coast Guard dark blue short-sleeve shirt alternative).

If an Auxiliarist has earned more than one qualification insignia, then the insignia that is worn shall be at the discretion of the Auxiliarist.

See the Auxiliary Manual, Ch. 10, Sec. F.4. Embroidery and Sew-on Options for more on this topic.

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