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Am I allowed to wear my USCG Auxiliary Uniform at other military events?

Here is the pertinent excerpt from the Auxiliary Manual, COMDINST M16790.1(Series), Sec. 10.A.8. Formal and Ceremonial Occasions, as modified by ALAUX 004/18:

10.A.8. Formal and Ceremonial Occasions

Wearing an appropriate Auxiliary uniform by active or retired Auxiliarists for formal and ceremonial occasions is authorized as follows:

     a. At civilian, military, and Auxiliary ceremonies and events that are clearly military service-centric in nature (e.g., military changes of command; Auxiliary changes of watch; military and Auxiliary retirements; Coast Guard Foundation dinners; local community banquets in honor of military services; patriotic parades on national holidays; funerals of military veterans and Auxiliarists) and which require a uniform. Auxiliarists who do not own Dinner Dress Blue Jacket or Dinner Dress White Jacket may wear Service Dress Blue to such ceremonies and events for which such formal wear is prescribed.

     b. Service Dress Blue or Service Dress White may be worn for occasions in which it is prescribed for military personnel. However, Service Dress White is also only authorized for wear by District Commodores, members of the National Executive Committee (NEXCOM), and Auxiliarists who are currently certified participants in the Auxiliary Clergy Support program when it is the prescribed uniform for the ceremony or event in which they have been invited to participate. 

     c. Social or other functions when the invitation has been clearly influenced by military service (e.g., an Auxiliarist who has been invited to be part of the bridal party for a military bride and/or groom may wear Service Dress White only if it is the prescribed uniform and the Auxiliarist is authorized to wear that uniform as authorized above).

Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, (COMDTINST M1020.6 (series)), authorize retired Coast Guard personnel to wear the dress uniform that was prescribed at the time of their retirement, or any dress uniform that is currently authorized for active duty personnel, to certain formal and ceremonial events. The same holds true for Auxiliarists in retired status.

Due to the nature of certain formal Auxiliary events like changes of watch, conferences, and banquets, such events are recognized as falling within the general scope of military ceremony. They are nonetheless Auxiliary events, and Auxiliarists who are invited to them are so invited because of their Auxiliary membership status, not due to a retired military status as may be held by prior active duty or Reserve personnel. Accordingly, Auxiliarists who are also retired military personnel are strongly encouraged and recommended to wear their Auxiliary dress uniform under such circumstances in lieu of any authorized military dress uniform.

10.A.9. Prohibited Occasions

The following prohibition is added to this section:

     Except as authorized in section 10.A.8., Auxiliary uniforms may not be worn for any personal ceremony or event (e.g., an Auxiliarist may not wear an Auxiliary uniform for their own wedding, college graduation, vacation, etc.).


Using the  Chain of Leadership and Management , contact your DIRAUX for specific permission/restrictions.

Remember, should permission be granted, you are representing both the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Please review the proper etiquette (Chap 12) as far as saluting [Section A] and embarking and disembarking a US Naval Vessel [Section C] (should you have the opportunity to do so ), as well as section A.6: Pledge of Allegiance.

Updated by DIR-U on 9 March 2018

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