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Auxiliary Sew-on Qualification Insignia

23 September 2009
ALAUX 049/09
1.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary sew-on qualification insignia announced in ALAUX 033/09 are authorized for wear on the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU ), Working Blue, and Hot Weather Uniform (i.e. - only the Coast Guard dark blue short-sleeve shirt alternative) described in the Auxiliary Manual, Commandant Instruction M16790.1 (series). 

 2.  In accordance with Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, Commandant Instruction M1020.6 (series), only one Auxiliary sew-on qualification insignia is authorized for wear on the ODU.  By extension, this also applies for Working Blue and the Hot Weather Uniform authorized for wear by Auxiliarists.  Such insignia shall be centered directly above the "USCG AUXILIARY" cloth tape immediately above the wearer's left breast pocket.  Embroidered insignia shall be the same size as the metal insignia, centered on a tape the full width of the pocket.  The tape shall not exceed the width of the pocket.  If an Auxiliarist has earned more than one qualification insignia, then the insignia that is worn shall be at the discretion of the Auxiliarist.  Temporary/conditional sew-on qualification insignia shall not be worn on these uniforms.

 3.  Pursuant to ALCOAST 074/09, the Auxiliary sew-on AUXOP device is authorized for wear on these uniforms.  It is the only Auxiliary device so authorized.  It shall be centered directly above the cloth nametape immediately above the wearer's right breast pocket. 

 4.  These provisions shall be incorporated into the next change to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual.
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