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Approval for Wearing Foreign Service Qualification Devices and Insignia

Q:  Is a member permitted to wear a Device/Insignia from a Foreign Military Service on a USCGAUX Dress Uniform, for example a sew-on wings device from prior service in a Foreign Military Service on Dinner Dress Uniforms?

 A:  The AUXMAN, the USCG Uniform Manual and the USCG Medals and Awards Manual do not mention foreign qualification devices, however they do authorize certain "foreign campaign ribbon/medals". The USCG Medals and Awards manual does stipulate the following: 

"Personal awards tendered to members of the Coast Guard by friendly foreign nations or non-U.S. entities for a specific act or acts of gallantry or meritorious service may be authorized for wear in accordance with this section and fall immediately after all U.S. service awards in precedence.  Requests to accept, retain, and wear non-U.S. personal decorations should be submitted in memorandum format to Commandant (CG-1221) via the appropriate chain of command. The memorandum will contain a copy of the award certificate and citation, the period of service for the award, the date received, and from whom the award was received."

If the member wishes to have their qualification considered for authorized wear on USCG Auxiliary Uniforms, they should submit a request as noted above.  For the purposes of this request, the COLM would be the members normal district Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM)>DNACO>VNACO>NACO>CHIDIRAUX>CG1221.


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Source:  DIR-H as of 18 March 2019

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