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Can an Auxiliarist in a CG Honor Guard Unit Wear a Silver Aiguillette?

Q:  A member of my flotilla serves a bugler with honor guard at CG funerals. He was given aiguillettes by the active duty members so that the uniforms would look alike, except for the silver on Auxiliary. Is he authorized to wear the aiguillette?

A:  This active duty unit cannot authorize wearing a silver aiguillette. The Uniform Manual and the Auxiliary Manual authorize wearing an aiguillette under very limited circumstances. These manuals do not authorize anyone in a unit honor guard or drill team to wear an aiguillette; rather, they may wear an ascot and a ceremonial belt and buckle (Uniform Manual, COMDTINST 1020.6 (Series) at 4.A.2).

The Coast Guard's Ceremonial Honor Guard wears white or blue aiguillettes, but does not currently utilize Auxiliarists.

I strongly encourage you to seek direction for resolution of local matters through your chain of leadership and management. They are most familiar with local events and are able to give a timely more accurate answer.
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