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Clarification of Boat Force Operations Insignia Criteria for Auxiliarists

ALAUX 021/09  Clarification of Boat Force Operations Insignia Criteria for Auxiliarists

1. The Boat Forces Operations Insignia is an active duty insignia that an industrious Auxiliarist may earn and be entitled to wear IAW COMDTINST M16114.32, the Boat Manual Vol I. Since this is not specifically an Auxiliary award the member must complete what an active duty member would have to do, service and qualification standards, with the exceptions specifically noted in Part 2 Chapter 6 of COMDTINST M16114.32 and the clarifications noted in this ALAUX.

2. While the time requirements for the permanent award of the Pewter-Tone Insignia are detailed, there are no time requirements detailed for the temporary award. However, the same rule of thumb applies as for the permanent award, i.e. the temporary entitlement of 6 months + qualifications would equal one day per week for 6 months for an Auxiliarist to be awarded the temporary insignia. Please note that this is what will continue to be required for wearing the temporary insignia until the permanent insignia is awarded. Once a member no longer devotes the necessary time commitment --for any reason-- the temporary insignia can no longer be worn.

3. Support of a boat forces unit is a primary requirement for the award of this insignia. This means "direct support" of a boat forces unit as defined in the BOAT Manual. Standard Aux surface patrols should not count toward this goal.

4. The award of the Gold and Pewter-Tone Insignia requires the completion of the Boat Force Operations Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS), COMDTINST M16114.30. This requirement applies to Auxiliarists with the exception of Task 03-05 item 12.b.2. "Oversee a Law Enforcement Operation", and 12.b.3. "Conduct a post-operations debrief with a key supervisor". These 2 tasks are
waived in recognition of the prohibition against Auxiliarists conducting or participating in law enforcement. Since there is no restriction on Auxiliarists having a general knowledge of how the Coast Guard conducts law enforcement, all other sections must be completed to maintain the integrity of the insignia and the meaning of its wear.

5. These exemptions and clarifications are issued in concurrence with the program manager at the Office of Boat Forces (CG-731).




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