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Recruiting Service Award Changes

Reference:  COMDTINST M16790.1G, Chapter 11, A.11.c. Auxiliary Recruiting Service Award. 

At the January 2016 Auxiliary National Training Conference (NTRAIN), the National Board approved changes to the eligibility requirements for the Auxiliary Recruiting Service Award, as follows:

  • Personnel Security Investigation (PSI):  The previous requirement was that the PSI had to be fully processed through completion.  The new requirement is that the PSI must have been initiated.
  • Member Status:  The previous requirement was that the member status had to be shifted out of AP status into IQ or BQ status during the award year.  This requirement has been eliminated.

The revised requirements are as follows:  The Auxiliary Recruiting Service award shall be awarded for recruiting seven or more new Auxiliarists into the Auxiliary within the same calendar year as determined and credited through the FC.  A newly recruited Auxiliarist must have been issued a member identification number and have had their Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) initiated during the award year in order to be credited toward the award.  Accurate Flotilla Commander validation that an Auxiliarist has met these revised award criteria is crucial and must be clearly communicated using the AUX-RSA form submitted up the regional chain to the cognizant Director of Auxiliary. 

The Auxiliary Recruiting Service Award nomination form (AUX-RSA) posted on the Auxiliary forms web site will be amended accordingly.

Source:  ALAUX 005/16

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