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Do I have to replace my Auxiliary ball cap? If so, can I purchase one from a commercial vendor?

Auxiliarists may use commercial sources for buying uniforms and insignia, except Auxiliary ball caps.  Auxiliary ball caps may only be obtained from the following sources: The Auxiliary Center (AUXCEN or ShopAuxiliary), the Uniform Distribution Center (UDC), or the Coast Guard Exchange System (CGES).  (AUXMAN, Ch. 10, B.4.)

Since we don’t expect to find Auxiliary ball caps at the UDC or the CGES, that pretty much limits our source to AUXCEN.  (If you purchase a ball cap at your District Store, it probably came from AUXCEN, and would be authorized.)

This source requirement is currently in effect.  Although ball caps from any other source are no longer authorized for wear with any Auxiliary uniform, most of our current ball caps were purchased via AUXCEN and those do not have to be replaced.

Even though originally purchased from AUXCEN, ball caps with visor ornamentation will no longer be authorized as of 12/31/2012.

Auxiliarists must wear either the metal office collar insignia or the member collar insignia. Embroidered/sew-on versions may be worn until 12/31/2012.

In summary:

  • We can continue to wear our older ball cap of mesh or solid material, as long as it originated at one of the 3 authorized sources (UDC, AUXCEN, CGES) and is serviceable. (Source: DIR-H)
  • If your ball cap came from a commercial vendor, it is no longer authorized.
  • Ball caps purchased via the AUXCEN with “scrambled eggs” may be worn until 12/31/2012.  Afterwards, they can still be worn with civilian attire. (AUXMAN, Ch. 10, A.9.)
  • Ball caps, purchased via the AUXCEN, to which you’ve added embroidered/sewn-on insignia may be worn until 12/31/2012.  Afterwards, they can still be worn, but only if the insignia is removed (for civilian wear) or replaced with the metal version.

This article was updated by the DVC-UM on 9/13/12. It was believed to be accurate as of that date. Although derived from official information, it is not, in itself, official information. For official information please refer to the Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series), other Auxiliary reference materials, Auxiliary Web sites and/or the appropriate chain of communication.

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