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What do I do when the active CG Unit I work with says I cannot wear my office insignia on my ODUs when I work with them?

Q:  Aux members wear sew-on or embroidered insignia on their ODU's per recent policy.  I am required to remove those insignia when I work with the Active Duty Coast Guard. That was not a problem, when I was able to wear pin-on metal insignia.

A:  Auxiliarists who frequently encounter situations in which it is more appropriate to wear the Auxiliary membership insignia rather than elected/appointed office insignia are authorized to use Velcro to fasten sew-on insignia to the collar as an option to sewing them directly onto the collar.

See the Auxiliary Manual, Ch. 10, Sec. F.4. Embroidery and Sew-on Options for more on this topic.

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