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How do I download my entire Flotilla's contact information from AuxDirectory, and import in to Outlook? vCards?

You may download a complete set of vCards for your flotilla by using the PowerSearch in AuxOfficer. Simply put in your canonical unit number (e.g., 070-08-02) in the "Unit" field, check the "vCards" radio button in "Select type of output", and hit search. Save the file when offered.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in Microsoft Outlook that prevents it from extracting anything but ONE vCard from a file containing multiple cards. There is a workaround, but it requires a Google mail account or other Google account that includes contacts (such as Google Voice).

(1) Download the vCard file, as above.
(2) Log onto your Gmail (or Google Voice) account, and import the vCard file into your Contacts. Put them in a special group, such as "Flotilla 08-02".
(3) EXPORT from Gmail the contacts that you just imported to Google, by checking each contact that you wish to export (or clicking the group and choosing the Select All checkbox at the top), and under "More", choose Export... and then "Outlook CSV format. Save the file to your desktop.
(4) In Outlook, under File>Open, choose IMPORT.
(5) In the Import and Export Wizard dialog box, choose "Import from anther program or file" and select the file you just exported from Google.
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