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I Cannot Change My Unit's Website URL in the AuxOfficer Unit Table - Do I Need National Site Approval?

You are a unit elected or CS officer, and wish to add or change your unit's Website URL in AuxOfficer.

The only people who can add or change the unit website URL is the National CS Staff; adding the URL adds your unit's website to the National Flotilla Finder and to the WOW unit listing system, and that may only be done after your site receives "National Approval", by the approving national staff officer.

The national approval process is straightforward:

(1) Check your site against the guidelines posted at (choose the proper checklist);

(2) "Petition" your DSO-CS (via your FSO-CS if you have one) for "National Approval". That requires an email to the DSO-CS with (a) date of your board approval of your site, (b) name, address, phone number, email address of unit's administrative contact (usually FC or VFC), (c) same for the webmaster (usually FSO-CS). This email will start the process, which is fully explained at
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