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How Are FEMA ICS Courses Entered in AUXDATA?

Question:  I took the IS-700 course and successfully completed the test.  It has been a month since I took the test and the results are not in AUXDATA.  Please advise.

Answer:  IS-700 is a FEMA course and is taken through their Emergency Management Institute (EMI) site.  EMI does not communicate Auxiliarists' completed courses to the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA.  Hence, the course completion must be reported to your District's DIRAUX office in accordance with your District's policies for submitting these certificates.

EMI has implemented electronic certificates for all online test submissions. Upon successful completion, you will receive an email within one business day that confirms your EMI transcript has been updated and a link to create your electronic certificate.  Provide a copy of this certificate to your FSO-IS to register completed courses into AUXDATA (Source:  T-DEPT,

Note: In some districts, the FSO-IS may not register completed courses in AUXDATA.

For further information regarding your District policies, you should contact your Flotilla Commander.

Date:  3 June 2015

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