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Uniform Inspection Program FAQs

Reference:  BSX Policy Letter 23-02 (28 NOV 2023).


AUXDATA related:

Q:  Where is the uniform inspection information recorded and what information is entered?

A:  Every Auxiliarist’s Member Detail page in AUXDATA has been updated with fields for reporting uniform inspection information. “Uniform Exempt” is a checkbox that identifies when a member is exempt from having a uniform inspection. “Uniform Last Inspected” is a date field to use, when applicable, to record the Member’s most recent uniform inspection date.

Q:  Who can enter the uniform inspection information into AUXDATA?

A:  Any Auxiliarist who is in an active elected office or active Information Services staff officer position, at any level, can enter the information.  

Q:  Can active-duty CG (e.g., OTO, DIRAUX) record the uniform inspection information?

A:  No.  Active-duty CG can only view the fields, they cannot edit the fields.

Q:  Can I record completion of my own inspection in AUXDATA?

A:  No.  Auxiliarists, including elected officers and IS officers, cannot edit uniform inspection fields on their own record.

Q: How is the information entered?

  • Step 1: In AUXDATA navigate to the Member record you wish to update.
  • Step 2: On the Detail section of the Member record find the uniform inspection fields. At the time of this communication, the fields are found at the bottom of the right-hand column in the main section of the Member record.
  • Step 3: Save the Member record after entering the information you updated.

Q:  Is there a competency or a task associated with completion of the inspection?

A:  No

Q:  Can a group of inspections (e.g., DTRAIN) be entered in bulk?

A:  No, however if a member has the uniform inspector permission set assigned to them, they can leverage inline field editing in a report view to make entries for multiple members of a unit all at once.  Set up a member report, filtered by unit, with the uniform fields displayed, select enable field editing, edit the pertinent fields within the report view, and save.  The fields will be populated on the member detail page.

Uniform Inspection Policy Related:

Q:  Who can perform the uniform inspection?

A:  Any Auxiliarist who is in an active elected office, at any level.  The inspecting official does not need to be in the member’s COLM.

Q:  Can active-duty CG (e.g., OTO, DIRAUX) perform the inspection?

A:  No.  Only Auxiliarists who are in an active elected office can perform the inspection.

Q:  Can I self-certify that I have completed the inspection?

A:  No.

Q:  Is there a form to collect and report the information?

A:  No.

Q:  Does a member have to pass the inspection for the inspection to be considered complete?

A:  Except where policy requires it for augmentees, members do not need to pass the inspection in order for the inspection to be considered complete.

Q: If a member has worn a uniform at any point, even if they no longer wear a uniform, are they still allowed to request to be exempt from the inspection?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can the AWU uniform be worn for the inspection?

A:  Wearing the AWU for the inspection is only applicable and valid for data entry if the member wears the AWU due to body type sizing issues for other uniforms.

Q:  I failed the inspection.  I'm not an augmentee.  Do I have to pass the inspection to stay out of REYR?

A:  No.  You are considered to have completed the inspection, regardless of whether or not you passed the inspection.

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