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What is Aux policy on PE outside one's division?

Q:  What is Aux policy on PE outside one's division? Our incoming DCDR says no way, but I can't find any policy that backs this up or refutes it.

A:  The local Division should be offered the opportunity to provide, or participate.  If they are not interested then the other division can provide.

[Updated 10 April 2014] The Auxiliary Manual does not specifically address local policies, however Chapter 8, Section B.1.h of the Auxiliary Manual discusses portability of qualifications:

"Once an Auxiliarist is qualified in a program, the Auxiliarist may exercise the qualification in any Auxiliary region, subject to proper assignment to duty. Additionally, the Director of a receiving region may specify appropriate tasks that must be completed by a qualified Auxiliarist who has recently transferred from a different region or who periodically visits the receiving region. Completion of such tasks must occur prior to that Auxiliarist‘s conduct of program activity in their new region in order to ensure familiarity with regional geography, demographics, policies and/or program expectations. It shall be documented by memo from the Director of the receiving region to the Auxiliarist with copy to the Director of the Auxiliarist‘s home region, if appropriate. The scope of such tasks shall be kept to a minimum with all due regard for the skills, experience, and desire already reflected by the Auxiliarist‘s qualification.

For example, the Director of one region may require Auxiliary instructors who transfer in or visit from different regions to complete a review with a qualified instructor in that region to ensure familiarity with specific State requirements prior to their conduct of public education. The same may be required of vessel examiners prior to their conduct of vessel safety checks in a new region."

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