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Do I have to take and pass the new member exam before I can apply for membership in the Auxiliary?

This process is best answered by the Flotilla Human Resources Officer, called the FSO -HR .

Essentially, you should discuss your interest in joining the Auxiliary.  The FSO-HR should provide you with both an application and study materials.  When you are ready you can setup an appointment to meet the FSO-HR and both take the New Member Test and complete the application  and fingerprint process.

If you are joining one of several Auxiliary programs, you will also need to file a SF-86 , which is a US Government form used for a security background check.  Again, your Flotilla FSO-HR is the best source of local information.  As in the military, the Auxiliary uses a Chain of Command, but we call it a Chain of Leadership and Management, or COL. (you'll read about this in the study material).

So , all questions should be addressed at the local level and work it's way up to the top level, not visa versa.
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