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I took a Coast Guard (Gold) course on the AUXLMS, but am having problems.

I took a Coast Guard (Gold) course on the AUXLMS, but am having problems.

The Coast Guard (Gold) courses on the AUXLMS, a U.S. Coast Guard (not Auxiliary) site, are made available to Auxiliarists by the Coast Guard as an accommodation to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

The use of these Coast Guard (Gold) courses is on a strictly "optional" basis. As such, the Coast Guard does not support those courses, whether the questions are related to technical issues, content issues or otherwise. There is no guarantee the course may be started, completed, make it to the transcript, or that a particular course will be available in the future.

Please note that completion of a Coast Guard (Gold) course would not result in it being transferred to or recorded in the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA, unless the course is required for an Auxiliary qualification or otherwise.

You could try different Internet browsers, settings, etc., or a different computer, to see if you can complete the course that way.  Currently, we don't have a sufficient reports from members to indicate whether that would merit the effort, or not.

[This article was reviewed by the DIR-U on 6/20/14, and believed to be accurate as of that date.]

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