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How can I confirm that I’ve completed a course in AUXLMS?

Please note the ability to produce certificates has been disabled; however your transcript can be used as proof of completion.

  • To access your transcript, click on the "My Account" menu button and then click on the "My Transcript" option. You will see your transcript.
  • Click on the Print button to print out your transcript for your notes.

There are two ways to confirm that you've completed an AUXLMS course:

  • Your AUXLMS “transcript”
  • Your AUXDATA Member Record

Core Training Courses and the ICS-210 course are uploaded to AUXDATA approximately every week.  Other course options, especially Coast Guard (Gold) courses for which there is no link to an Auxiliary qualification or membership requirement, are not recorded in AUXDATA but may appear on your transcript.

Reviewed and updated by ANACO-IT on 7 June 2023

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