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Auxiliary Passwords

Auxiliary Passwords

The following passwords are in common use by Auxiliarists...

 (1) Your “Member Zone Password” is required for access to Auxiliary National and unit WOW websites, the certificate database, webforms and proctor login, as well as the Auxiliary Member Store (at and American Forces Travel.  To obtain or replace your Member Zone Password, go to the AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer (at and click on "Obtain or Change Password" below where it says “Member Zone credentials can still be obtained or changed by clicking on the link below:  Obtain or Change Password.”

You will be asked for your Auxiliary Member ID and your email address.  (Make sure you use "Tab", not "Enter" as you navigate that web page.)  You will then be sent a validation email which will time-out in 15 minutes. (Check your Junk/Spam email folder, if necessary.) Responding to that validation email confirms that your email address is still valid and completes the process.  If you miss the 15 minute window, simply repeat the process, generating a new validation email, and a new time limit.

 (2) For access to the AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer, National Testing Center, and the Auxiliary Online Classroom (a.k.a. “Moodle”), you need to set up a new, separate login account.  To obtain or replace your new Sign-In System go to the AuxDirectory ( and click on the blue box below “NEW!! Sign In System

Follow the instructions to set up your new USCGAUX sign in account.  Your username for this new system is your 7-digit Member ID, the same as the Member Zone. You can use the same password as the Member Zone password as long as it meets the new sign-in system password requirements.

 (3) The Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) is a Coast Guard (not Auxiliary) controlled site which contains the online “Core Training” and some optional courses.  The AUXLMS "Username" is your primary email address in AUXDATA, which cannot exceed 31 characters.  For an initial changed AUXLMS password, click on "I forgot my password." AUXLMS passwords are 14 or more characters. (When added to the AUXLMS, new members will receive an email from the USCG.)

 (4) AUXDATA II is the Auxiliary’s primary database for information on members, units, facilities, member and mission activities, patrol orders, and reports.   To activate your account, send an email to  You will receive a reply via email with instructions on how to set up your password.  Your userid will be your 7-digit memberid@uscg.aux.

 (5) The Help Desk (Support Center), uses commercial software, so a separate login procedure is used.  You are automatically registered when you open your first Help Desk ticket.  A temporary password is sent to you in an automated reply. This password ONLY applies to the Help Desk.

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