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Why Did I Go Into REYR?

REYR could have been set for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to maintain AUXCT
  • Expiration of or failure to complete a Task
    • Note that this could be the result of a required Task being entered incorrectly
  • Deficit from the previous cycle for progressive requirements such as:
    • Hours
    • Exams
    • Program Visits
    • # of Tasks completed (eg, Teaching TCT/RM sessions)

Any of the above reasons can be resolved by completing, reporting, and recording the deficient requirement or by correcting an erroneously entered requirement. They may also be resolved by any system updates where the previous settings identified a Task as deficient. Once competency Tasks (MCTs) listed for a competency record satisfy their maintenance requirement for the purposes of being re-certified from REYR, those MCTs will show with either a green or a yellow color. Tasks that still identify a deficiency will show as red.

Where no red boxes are indicated among all MCT tasks for a competency, a member should follow the appropriate COLM procedures to request review and re-certification of their competency. If a competency is reset to Certified, the appropriate competency manager should also reset any obsolete REYR comments on the competency record.


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