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Does a properly qualified pilot -possessing the rating/hour requirements set forth in the Auxiliary Training Manual- have to own a facility in order to achieve air crew qualification?

What (if any) facility ownership/access limitations apply to qualified airman and current members of the USCG Auxiliary seeking aircrew qualification?
The requirements for all levels of qualification in the AUXAIR program are stated in the Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual (OPM), CIM 16798.3E (vice the AATM) and in the various syllabi referenced therein.  All of these publications may be found on the National Response Department web site. 

The requirements for Aircrew Qualification are set forth in the OPM, Annex 2 and in the Auxiliary Air Crew Qualification Program instruction, COMDTINST 16798.2, which is referenced by the OPM.

The requirements for Facility ownership are detailed in the OPM, Chapter One. Facility ownership is not a requirement for any level of qualification in the AUXAIR program.

We encourage those interested in the AUXAIR program to review the OPM and the other publications and syllabi relevant to aviation which are posted on the National Response Department web site.  I also encourage individuals with questions about the aviation program to use the chain of leadership and communication to engage with their District Staff Officer for Aviation and the other members of the district aviation staff for further information and guidance.
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