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The Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety (RBS ) insignia is meant to recognize extraordinary efforts of Auxiliarists who consistently provide strong support to RBS programs.  Its eligibility criteria require significant RBS program activity over a minimum period of two years.
ALAUX 006/10 RBS INSIGNIA - ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA made changes to the public affairs (PA) activity codes that count toward earning the RBS insignia.  These activity code changes more accurately reflect public affairs program activities that meet the spirit of service recognized by the RBS insignia.  They are included on the Auxiliary Mission Activity Report (ANSC-7030) form available on the Auxiliary web site, and in AUXDATA, and must be documented to earn PA points towards the insignia.  The changes made by ALAUX 006/10 to the PA codes have now been incorporated into Chapter 10, Section F of the Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN), COMDTINST 16790.1G.

RBS insignia requirements are summarized as follows:
       a.     Compilation of 120 points per year for two consecutive years (for a total of 240 points) is required.  Hours for prescribed mission codes are reported on the Mission Activity Report (ANSC-7030) form.  Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) and vessel facility inspections are reported on the Vessel Examinations Activity Report (ANSC-7038).  RBS Program Visits are reported on the RBS Visitation Report (ANSC-7046). 
       b.     Public Education:  Hours recorded using any mission code 14.  1 point-per-hour as lead instructor and 0.5 points-per-hour as an assistant/aide.
       c.     Public Affairs:  Activities promoting RBS in the following areas. 1 point-per-hour limited to actual mission hours:
              (1)  Speech/Talks, mission code 10B.
              (2)  Broadcast Media, mission code 10C.
              (3)  External Print Media, mission code 10F.
              (4)  COMREL, Mission code 10J.
       d.     Vessel Safety Checks and Vessel Facility Inspections:  Based on the number of VSCs and/or vessel facility inspections.  1 point-per-check or inspection.
       e.     RBS Program Visitation:  Based on the number of RBS Program Visits. 1 point-per-visit.
       f.     Legislative Outreach:  Hours recorded as Federal/State Legislative Outreach or Government Affairs work, mission codes 65A or 65B.  1 point-per-hour limited to face-to-face contact hours (preparation or travel not included). 
       g.     State RBS Outreach:  Hours recorded in meetings with a state BLA or state BLA staff, mission code 65C.  1 point-per-hour limited to face-to-face contact hours (preparation or travel not included).

Reference:  AUXMAN Chapter 10, Section F.9.o, Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety Insignia

Updated by BC-UMK on 11/7/2014

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