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What are the privileges of membership in the USCG Auxiliary?

Privileges of Auxiliary Members.
(1) Entitled to receive a current copy of certain Auxiliary publications and the NAVIGATOR magazine at government
(2) Attend all Auxiliary National, District, Division and Flotilla meetings, training sessions, and social events.
(3) May vote on any flotilla matter.
(4) Be carried on the district membership rolls and receive an Auxiliary membership photo identification card.
(5) May wear an Auxiliary uniform with proper devices and insignia of the current or highest past office held.
(6) Eligible for any elected/appointed office for which qualified.
(7) Be eligible to receive CG orders and be assigned to duty.
(8) Entitled to fly the Auxiliary ensign on a currently inspected vessel facility .
(9) Entitled to CG and Auxiliary advanced training.
(10) Entitled to use CG (not Department of Defense) exchanges for the purchase of all goods and services except alcohol and tobacco products.
(11) Entitled to use Department of Defense exchanges for the purchase of uniform items only (in accordance with a 12 September 1991 letter from the Assistant Secretary of Defense).
(12) Be authorized by proper authority to use government vehicles to perform official business.
(13) Access to the CG's Mutual Assistance program, which provides low interest loans for emergencies and student loans.
(14) May use private vehicles for authorized Auxiliary activities without CG orders including, but not limited to, routine travel to/from authorized activities, participation in parades (while
towing boat or float), chart updating missions, and
environmental activities.
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