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Are Auxiliarists eligible for the benefits of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act?

In contrast to Coast Guard active duty and reserve components, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is specifically declared by statute (14 U.S.C. §823) to be non-military. Auxiliarists are not contractually bound, enlisted, or commissioned officers, but rather volunteers pledged to serve in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Due to that delineation, Auxiliarists are not entitled to employment protections afforded active duty and reserve personnel under legislative authorities like the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.

The Coast Guard understands and appreciates the concerns of employers regarding Auxiliarists’ requests for time off to support extensive operations like disaster relief efforts. The Coast Guard’s regional Auxiliary offices are available and able to provide validation of Auxiliarists’ service to their employers, whenever requested, to address employers’ concerns about the length, scope, and need for service of their employees.




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