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What is the criteria that the member must use to get out of REYR status?

Per the AUXMAN, Ch 8, Section B.1.g., Auxiliarists who do not complete all annual currency maintenance requirements by 31 December, including mandatory workshops, are placed in Required Yearly Not Met (REYR) status in AUXDATA.  Auxiliarists in REYR status must complete all program-specific requirements in order to re-gain program currency and authorization to perform program activities.  For example, if a crew member finishes the year with only 8 of the required 12 annual hours as crew, the member goes into REYR status and begins the next year needing 4 hours to regain certification.  Once out of REYR status, the member still needs an additional 12 hours to retain the certification for the new year. 

Per the AUXMAN, CH 8, Section b.2.g, when the hours for teaching/serving as an assistant IT have not been met, the IT must perform the annual certification task(s), as a trainee, under the supervision of a certified IT. The certified IT receives the training (PE or MT) credit for the two or four hours performed during this recertification process. The candidate must then complete the annual certification requirements to retain certification for the following year.

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