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Can you give me the details of the Service Dress Blue Jacket sleeves?

Your flotilla's Human Resources Officer (FSO -HR) should be able to help you with this question. 

Also, the Auxiliary Manual, COMDINST M16790.1 (series), contains the information you need. 

From Chapter 10 (Uniforms), Section F.1.b. Silver Sleeve Lace and Shield:
Auxiliary silver sleeve lace and shield are worn on Dinner Dress Blue jackets and Service Dress Blue coats. The appropriate shield is centered outside the sleeve. The lace completely circles the sleeve and is terminated inside the sleeve seam at the back of the sleeve. The first row of lace is 2 inches above the cuff. Each succeeding row of lace and the shield are ¼ inch above the preceding lace. With the exception of DCOs, ANACOs, DNACOs, the VNACO, and the NACO, insignia appropriate to office held is the same as illustrated for shoulder boards. DCOs, ANACOs, DNACOs, the VNACO, and the NACO wear silver sleeve lace similar to the gold sleeve lace of Coast Guard Flag officers.
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